We challenge global perspectives and create global citizens. 

Hands on Development’s overseas education tours to Nepal, in partnership with Seven Women, provide university students with the educational experience of a lifetime. Connecting practical experience with a one-off cultural travel experience, our tours are designed to enrich students professionally and personally. We aim to create well- rounded global citizens who are knowledgeable in areas of community development, sustainability and social change.

As the students gain a first-hand experience of the global challenges faced by developing countries, they will undertake a learning experience that will not only benefit their future careers, but also their ability to positively impact the world. These tours can serve as accredited course work in different areas of study and be tailored to suit university students from all disciplines. Tours are specifically created to focus on the core learning requirements as determined by faculty and university requirements. 

14 DAY Tour dates

Flexible around university holidays and schedules

Tour price

From $3,195 + Flights

This price includes: 3 star accommodation in Kathmandu, all meals except some lunches, transport, entry and activity fees. 


Educational materials provided

Students will be provided with relevant information and reading, including academic and media articles. These articles will support group discussion and briefings around daily activities, and provide students with a deeper understanding of Nepalese contexts, the challenges faced and local solutions. 


Topics covered

Universities are also given access to the following resources prior to departure

•    Bringing the Light: The Story of Seven Women documentary on DVD;

•    “From a Tin Shed to the United Nations”– a book on the Seven Women journey; and

•    Stephanie Woollard (Hands On Development and Seven Women Founder) is available to present as a guest speaker.

Hands On Development has a photographer and filmmaker on each tour. Following the tours, footage is made available for universities’ future use in marketing and promotional materials. 

Frequently asked questions

Is there a discount for groups?
Yes, if there are bookings of more than 15 people than the trip pricewill be $3,500 including flights, reduced from $3,995 per person.

What can our university offer to the Nepalese community?
New skills, donations, materials, ideas on how to make saleable products... we are open to ideas!

Does Seven Women extend to other communities?
At the moment we are focusing on Nepalese communities but in the future we might expand into helping other international communities.

Is insurance included?
Appropriate travel and liability insurance cover will need to be organised by the university in their name.

What is the accommodation standard?
Comfortable, safe 3-star accommodation is provided.