University study tours to Nepal

What qualities do next generation leaders need to meet the challenges in the 21st century? In an increasingly interconnected and globalised society – more than ever before – we need future leaders with a vision. The ones who are able to drive that vision whilst making difficult decisions in a rapidly changing environment. The ones who are able to engage and mobilise diverse teams whose members have their own deeply rooted culture and beliefs. And the ones who are able to navigate their way through complex challenges and problems that transcend national borders.

At Hands on Development, this is exactly what we prepare for. Our immersive tours are designed to equip students with international skills and knowledge, making them highly valued global players who revels in diversity, seeks solutions to problems and recognise different perspectives.

Over the course of 14 days, students will explore some of the social, economic and environmental challenges facing Nepal, expanding their knowledge so they are able to make stronger contributions in their future careers and their society as a whole.

They will be exposed to the country’s culture, beliefs and values, increasing their world-view and intercultural awareness.

They will learn to understand a range of different issues from the system of poverty and inequality to sustainability and fair trade, developing them into decision makers who seek different perspectives and support others.

They will meet aspiring leaders who work relentlessly in their chosen field, so they can see that change can start from something small.

What’s more, students will benefit from our knowledge, skills and experience that only come from years of working alongside the Nepali community: rural and remote communities, women who stand marginalised in the society and communities that live at the bottom of the caste system to name a few.

Equally important, they will also benefit from our strong partnerships with social enterprises, fair trade producers and not-for-profit organisations in Nepal, giving students access to a wealth of experience and knowledge that will help them make connections and navigate their ideas.

With tough challenges ahead, there is no question that we need to better prepare our students for the future world. So they become graduates who are able to work across the boundaries, graduates who are the leading edge of their fields and graduates who lead with vision and foresight.

Our tours are customised based on university requirements. Contact us for more details.