Seven Women and Hands on Development

In 2012, Seven Women founder and CEO Steph Woollard was looking for ways to make the charity more financially sustainable. As a proponent of true capacity building and empowering whole communities to develop, the notion of ethical tourism which employed not only the women of the Seven Women charity, but helped bring money into the local community was deeply appealing. Hands on Development was born.

At Hands on Development we offer curated ethical tours of Nepal which showcase the amazing work of the Seven Women charity, organisations such as Fred Hollows, as well as the unique beauty of greater Nepal. We directly train and employ beneficiaries of Seven Women as tour guides. 

Through our tours we have been able to train women in the hospitality industry, increase sales in our manufacturing business and other areas by bringing groups to participate in activities such as cooking class, basic nepali language lesson and craft classes at the seven women centre. We now also offer these activities to other tour companies, generating a local income for seven women which has contributed greatly to build a strong and sustainable model. This is a model where the women share their culture and skills and earn a living while the profits are channeled back into the charity to fund our programs. 


By touring Nepal with hands on development you get an authentic Nepalese travel experience while directly supporting the local community through charities visited. Through participating in activities led by locals and sharing our own skills to make a difference hands on development enriches the lives of both the locals and participants. Hands on is truly a win-win ethical travel experience 


Our Tours are designed to create sustainable long term changes for both the participants and the communities they visit by focusing on social, financial and environmental sustainability. 

Hands On Development Tours are part of an ecosystem of social enterprises developed by Stephanie Woollard, the Founder of Seven Women. These organisations are built with the mission to socially and economically empower women in Nepal through education, training and employment. These enterprises support each other contributing to the long term development of communities in Nepal. 


Your impact when your travel with Hands On:

  • You employ the most marginalised women as tour guides so they are able to make a living and be independent.
  • You enable our women to become independent and thrive in their communities, becoming part of the change, by participating in cooking classes, craft classes and basic Nepali for Travellers classes which fund trainings and diverse employment pathways for women.
  • Support important work through your donations to the organisations we visit, such as local enterprises in healthcare and manufacturing, and organisations such as Fred Hollows, Maiti Nepal and Seven Women. 
  • Sharing your skills and learning when visiting the Seven Women centre, whether it be in designing new products for our shop with craft skills, running workshops in different areas of expertise, or working on a current community project with the women. 
  • Make a difference in the world - become passionate about issues things that matter which then influence their life choices upon return to Australia. 

Our journey so far…

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