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Hands On Cultural Tours to Nepal


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Hands On Cultural Tours to Nepal


What do you believe?

Can connections between people and the experiences created by travel enrich and change the world?

Should travel not only benefit those traveling, but also the communities they visit?

That’s why our cultural tours provide life-changing travel experiences for travellers and support the social and economic development of the communities they visit. 


Our model

Hands on Development tours uplift and enrich the lives of both travellers and local communities, with a business model that respects people, profit and the planet

Our model

Hands on Development tours uplift and enrich the lives of both travellers and local communities, with a business model that respects people, profit and the planet

Activities COPY

Activities COPY

Impact on traveller

When you travel with us you will expand your world view, have positive effects upon the people you meet and upon yourself. The experiences go much beyond just visiting a beautiful destination – to meet, connect and collaborate with new culture, communities and friends!


Expand your world view with a fresh perspective to life and people


Make lifelong memories and connections 


Make valuable contribution to another's life while travelling


Enrich your resume and foster personal growth


Tours experiences


historic and CulturAL Heritage

Our tours will immerse you in a deep and enriching Nepalese experience. Learn the history and culture of this beautiful country from the people who call Nepal home as they share with you stories of their history and hope for the future, their challenges and their opportunities. 

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Share Your Skills

Our tours strive to provide enriching experiences for both travellers and the communities we visit. We encourage you to share your skills and knowledge with local communities to make a positive difference and better their lives.

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You will have the chance to take home some new skills and gifts as you spend time with locals, learn their way of life and share day-to-day experiences with them.

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Embrace the Local ComMunity

Thanks to the deep relationships Hands on Development shares with the communities you visit, you will be able to share your experiences and connect with the locals as they welcome you into their lives.

learn different religious philosophies

Our tours will let you immerse yourself in the traditions, culture and philosophies of the diverse religious history of Nepal and gain an understanding at how they influence today's Nepal and its future. 


Enjoy the natural landscapes 

Nepal offers stunning natural beauty with a variety of different terrains. Enjoy the landscapes while trekking the lower Himalayas, and make lifelong connections along the way.

Like to Read?

Hear what our past participants have to say.... 

This trip is a life-changing experience, enriching and confronting
— Aerin
I have gained new energy, inspiration, insight and lifelong friends. This trip is life changing and transformative
— Soph
This tour has enabled everyone to see things that most tourists don’t
— Roz
A profoundly authentically real experience
— Suze Dowd

We embrace people of all age groups across diverse backgrounds


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