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A challenging opportunity

A challenging opportunity


The growth in international tourism provides an unprecedented opportunity for meaningful cultural exchange and economic development. However, if left unchecked, tourism can have adverse effects which detract from its positive potential. A paradigm shift towards responsible tourism is needed to best harness travel’s transformative ability. 

The numbers…

A quick look at the numbers illustrates just how massive the global tourism industry — and its growth potential — truly are. In 2017, tourist arrivals increased by 7% globally and are projected to rise by 4-5% throughout 2018. Moreover, tourism is currently the world’s fastest growing economic sector. 

Given these stats, it is not surprising that travel and tourism indirectly or directly supports at least 313 million jobs globally. As travel becomes even more affordable and the global middle class continues to expand over the next ten years, 100 million more jobs will be created.   

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The challenge

Of course, a surge in tourist numbers is not without its drawbacks. Mass tourism has the potential to cause environmental damage, ruin local cultures and sights as well as pushing up prices and creating economies centred around seasonal, low-paying jobs. 

Startlingly, despite these damaging impacts, only 5% of the money spent by tourists actually ends up staying in local economies. The tourism industry must also find a way to adapt to climate change. 

The solution

Fortunately, around the world, interest is growing in sustainable and responsible tourism — which focuses on minimising tourism’s footprint while also maximising economic benefits for locals. Responsible tourism also provides the basis for more meaningful experiences by emphasising genuine cross-cultural interactions.

Hands on Development — and its partner organisation Seven Women — are part of a global movement which seeks to truly transform tourism into a force for good. Profits from tours helps fund the training and employment of disadvantaged Nepali women, thereby ensuring that local communities tangibly benefit from tourism. Tour goers also have the opportunity to learn about Nepali cooking, crafts and language, while broadening their perspectives on a variety of global issues.

If you want to create positive global change, choose Hands On for your next holiday!



Culture, natural beauty and people : Why you should holiday in Nepal

Culture, natural beauty and people : Why you should holiday in Nepal

Ranking fifth on Lonely Planet’s countries that ‘you cannot afford to miss’ list, Nepal is one of the hottest destinations on earth. With its colourful sights, vibrant culture and charismatic people, Nepal does have a lot to offer. So what is the best way to take in this unique and beautiful country? 

Sights galore

Despite having been a tourist destination for years, when visiting Nepal, one still has the opportunity to experience a culture and people relatively untouched by mass tourism. Nepal is also one of the rare places where you can experience sublime natural and cultural beauty all in the one spot. National parks filled with tigers, famous mountain peaks and trekking areas are all in reach of ancient temples and cities. 

Wedged between the continental mammoths, China and India, Nepal’s unique Hindu-Buddhist culture has been shaped by centuries of complex cultural exchange. Regional and indigenous cultures further enrich one of the most diverse and multicultural societies on earth. 



Why go now

There is no time like the present when it comes to visiting Nepal. The landlocked Himalayan nation has just emerged from some of the most turbulent times in its recent history. From 1996 to 2006, Nepal was embroiled in a civil war pitting the government against Maoist rebels. 

Then in 2015, Nepal was rocked by a devastating earthquake which killed over 9,000 people as well as destroying infrastructure and ancient temples. 

Yet, the ever resilient Nepalese people have bounced back. Although the rebuilding process has been slow, 2018 has seen a surge in reconstruction. Nepal’s first elections in twenty years — held in late 2017 under the new Constitution — hopefully heralds an era of much needed political stability. 

Immerse yourself

An immersive tour offers not only culturally authentic experience, but also a chance to help local communities. A Hands on Development tour offers you the chance to interact with and learn from locals, all whilst taking in Nepal’s incredible sights. You get to experience the very best of what Nepal has to offer, from the temples of Kathmandu to the remote beauty of Sudal village. What’s more, you will have the chance to learn about Nepali culture through craft, cooking and language classes. Most importantly, the profits from these classes help fund the training and employment of marginalised women

Interested in authentic Nepali experience that support local communities? Discover Hands on Development's tours.