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Testimony of an inspired traveller

Testimony of an inspired traveller


Time in Nepal

On a recent trip to Nepal I had one experience that really stands out. It wasn’t the hectic streets of Kathmandu or the green hills of the valley - as amazing as they are. It was taking part in a cooking class at the Seven Women centre, organised through Urban Adventures.

Arriving at the Seven Women centre I was greeted by so many smiling faces and made to feel so welcome by the women working and visiting. Heading into the bustling cooking school, I was quickly put to work grinding, chopping, stirring and frying alongside other travellers. The room quickly filled with delicious smells and people’s laughter as we were shown by the women how to cook easy and tasty traditional Nepalese meals. Their skill (and patience) ensured the meals we prepared were a success and ready to share for lunch.

Over our lunch we had the privilege to hear personal stories from the women. What they have been able to achieve in the face of adversity and how passionate they are about empowering their communities was truly inspiring. Their faces lit up as we cheered and clapped upon hearing about their engagements, graduating high school and overcoming obstacles.

Returning home

After my time at Seven Women I knew I wanted to do more and become a part of the movement. When I arrived home to Australia the first thing I did was reach out via email asking what I could do to help. I was blown away to hear from Steph Woollard herself and to have the opportunity to meet with her in Melbourne. Her enthusiasm and optimism were contagious and we quickly discussed a plan on how to bring the story of Seven Women into workplaces this Christmas. 

I am now organising for my workplace to have Steph come and speak in the lead up to Christmas and have a stall selling Seven Women scarves. Getting the story of Seven Women shared with as many people as possible will ensure the amazing work they do can continue to grow. I encourage everyone to get their workplace involved by taking part in the Christmas Fundraising Drive.

If you are heading to Nepal make sure you make the time to visit Seven Women. It will be a highlight that will stay with you long after you leave

Written by Emily Lyons