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At its core, the sixteenth Sustainable Development Goal aims to reduce all forms of human exploitation and achieve a more peaceful, just and better-governed world. 

The challenges facing Nepal 

Despite having successfully emerging from the Civil War which plagued the country for a decade between 1996 to 2006, Nepal still struggles with human security issues. In the past few years, Nepal has faced a host of issues including civil unrest, human trafficking, separatism, crime and of course, natural disasters. 

A range of groups such as Dalits, women, the disabled and above all disabled women, continue to face discrimination and human rights violations. As victims of 'double discrimination,' disabled women are often denied basic rights such as access to healthcare, education and employment.

Our Impact 

Recognising that intercultural dialogue and understanding will lay the foundations of a more peaceful world, Hands on Development's tours are immersive and focus on facilitating cultural exchange. Participants have the opportunity to learn about Nepali language, culture and history while also having the chance to share their own skills, culture and perspectives with locals. 

Moreover, Hands on Development partners with a number of organisations who tackle Nepal's social and human security issues head-on. One such organisation is Maiti Nepal, an NGO who is at the forefront of the fight against human trafficking. 

Finally, we contribute to building a safer and more just Nepal by facilitating the employment of disabled and marginalised women. For example, we employ women from our partner-organisation, Seven Women, to teach tour participants Nepali language, cooking and handcraft skills.