Overconsumption and the inefficient use of resources is a huge challenge going forward as the world moves towards a sustainable economy. Accordingly, the twelfth Sustainable Development Goal aims to achieve sustainable production and consumption. By travelling with Hands on Development, you can ensure that you are part of the solution. 


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The problem...

Tourism accounts for 10% of global GDP and around 30% of global exports. Improving the sustainability of tourism is therefore crucial to achieving the twelfth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). Unfortunately, stories often abound of environmental damage and scarcity caused by the overconsumption of local resources. Mass influxes of tourists also damages local cultures. When these things occur, the natural and cultural beauty which drew so many visitors in the first place becomes threatened. 

In Nepal, tourism puts pressure on already scarce local resources in places like Kathmandu. Tourism also contributes to local waste management problems. Nowhere is this more evident than on Mt Everest, where up to 50 tonnes of rubbish has accumulated. 

The Solution

As a traveller, you have the power to choose tour companies that integrate sustainability in its offering. By focusing on sustainable and responsible tourism, companies like Hands on Development are now offering affordable travel experiences which support rather than burden local communities. 

Our smaller tour group sizes minimises the impact on the local environment and preserves the sanctity of local sights. Participants also have the opportunity to support and learn about sustainable local enterprises. By engaging in cooking, craft and language classes, tour participants learn about the local culture in a respectful manner.

It is possible to have unforgettable experiences while at the same time, directly contributing to the transition to a more sustainable global economy. Not only will the planet and local communities win, but you yourself will have a more memorable and meaningful experience.