10-Day Cultural Tour of Nepal

Groups of six or more can select their own dates to make a private tour


Overnight flight Melbourne to Kathmandu


After settling into our tranquil accommodation in the heart of Kathmandu, the group will take a short orientation walk through the streets of Thamel, followed by a group dinner.

DAY 2 - Learn about the CULTURE and History of Nepal - The Significance of Hinduism

Today's focus is on the culture and history of Nepal. The group will take to the streets and alleyways of Kathmandu, making our way to the UNESCO world heritage listed Durbar Square, which features several styles of Hindu Temples and still plays and important part in the daily life of the Nepal people.

After a delicious Nepali lunch, the group will continue to Pashupatinath Temple, a Hindu cremation site that gives incredible insight into the cultural practices of Nepal. Tonight we will eat at Organic Green Cafe a restaurant that grows all its own vegetables.

Day 3 - learn about Social Enterprise - The Seven Woman Centre

The group will be part of a discussion on Community Development from Seven Woman Country Directory Anita Kerr before walking through the streets of Thamel to visit the Seven Women Centre and see first-hand the work of this amazing social enterprise.

The group will then take part in a Nepali Cooking class followed by a Nepali Language lesson with women from the Centre. We will enjoy an Israeli feast for dinner at OR2K.

Day 4 - learn about the nepali health system with a visit to the Fred Hollows Eye Hospital and visit the monkey temple

We’ll start today with a discussion on the work of Fred Hollows, and the impact of sex trafficking in Nepal.
The group will be taken to the Fred Hollows Eye Hospital, a wonderful opportunity to explore the Nepali health care system and see the incredible work of this international organisation. In the afternoon, we will walk to the Monkey Temple, a Hindu temple up on the hill with a fantastic view over the Kathmandu Valley. Tonight we will have a traditional Nepali dinner at Talkali Kitchen


Leaving the Kathmandu Valley early, we will endeavour to watch the sun rise over the magnificent Himalayan mountain range followed by a short trek down to the rural farming village of Sudal where we will spend the morning experiencing what rural life is like for many Nepali people.
The afternoon will take us to the ancient city of Bhaktapur where we can see local artisans making pottery and the famous Nepali Tanka paintings prior to taking part in a traditional Newari feast for dinner. Tonight we will stay in Bhaktapur.

Day 6 - Return to Kathmandu and learn about the impacts of fair trade in nepal by visiting the association of craft producers

Today we will visit a Tanka painting workshop – an invaluble insight into buddist culture, prior to leaving Bhaktapur for a tour of one of the largest Fair Trade accredited craft supplies in Nepal, Association for Craft Producers (ACP).
ACP pride themselves on their sustainable and fair trade manufacturing operation. We will be able to see producers and designers working and will join them for lunch. Tonight we will dine at an israeli restaurant OR2K.     

Day 7 - learn about the caste system in nepal & visit a local silversmith's business

After a relaxing morning in Thamel, we will walk to the Seven Women centre to have a cooked lunch made by the women before returnign to Thamel for free time. Late afternoon we will Dambar, visit a local silversmith and social entrepreneur who employs members of the Dalit Community and then have dinner at a social enterprise which is owned by a co-operative of traditional musicians of the dalit community and enjoy listening to them sharing their culture with us through music. 

Day 8 - learn about the issue of human trafficking at Maiti nepal & visit a buddhist temple

This morning involves a group visit to Maiti Nepal. Maiti Nepal is an organisation actively working to stop human trafficking in Nepal — this visit is a unique opportunity to observe and discuss the harrowing impact and scale of human trafficking and the sex trade. This afternoon we will be visiting Boudhanath Stupa, the largest Buddhist Stupa in Nepal, where you will have the opportunity to explore and find a lunch spot prior to returning to Thamel for group dinner.

Day 9 - FAIR TRADE ACTIVITIES AND DINNER at the Seven Women Centre

This morning we will visit FoST, an enterprise that recycles products to make sustainable fuel. We will spend the rest of the afternoon at the Seven Women Centre participating in a craft class led by the women, as well as working on a few projects and running activities for the women. Padam, your local guide, will take you to his house for afternoon tea to gain insights into the lives of the locals Tonight will be our final goodbye dinner. 

Day 10 - Group Debrief and fly out

We will wakeup for our final breakfast, debrief of the trip, packing and final goodbyes before heading to the airport to fly back home. 

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